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Be a Blessing to someone you may never meet or ever even hear of by becoming an outareach partner by giving just 10 cents a day that's just $3.00 a month. And may the blessings you receive be far greater than those that you give.            

AUTISM-----One in every 150 Children will be Diagnosed with some type of Autism.  Thats 116 per Day--17,280 per Month--and 42,048 per Year.

Neuromuscular Diseases---There are more than One Million Americans afflected with this Disease. This also includes Muscular Dystrophy.

Down Syndrome---There are more than 350,000 Americans afflicted with this disease.

Our Senior Citizens living way under the poverty level.    There are (3.4 million Senior Citizens living in poverty in the United States).

Other U.S. Citizens living in poverty.    There are (36.5 million other Citizens in the U.S. living in poverty).

10 cents a day or about $3:00 a month to help the handicapped and the needy. With mulitudes giving just 10 cents a day it will work wonders.

JESUS--Said the poor will always be with us. So let us  lay up treasures in Heaven. By giving Just 10 cents a day you can become an outreach partner for the needy.

            Click here to see our list of goals.


  • And last, but most definitely not least... monetary donations of any amount are always welcome. 

Below this paragraph their are two buttons for donation options via credit card. The first gives you the option to enter an amount of your choice. This option will only charge your card ONCE with that amount (unless you wish to donate again in the future, of course.)The second(Called Subscribe) is a month-to-month donation and you will become an outreach partner for $3.00 per month (roughly as low as 10 cents per day.)

Alternatively, you can send a check or money order made out to “Calvary Country Church” and send it to the following address.
Calvary Country Church
PO Box 71
Sharon, OK 73857
Contact Us  
Calvary Country Church
P O Box 71
Sharon, Oklahoma 73857
Phone 580 256 3662
Regular Schedule  
  • Best Time to Contact After
    – 5:30 PM
Its not whats on the outside
We are a boots n’ jeans casual dress church where one can come right after feeding cattle, working the fields, or whatever. God doesn’t look at what’s outside, He sees the heart and soul.

We are common people with a common goal, to save the “lost”, to spread the Word of God, and help those in need whenever possible.